Gladiator Gold Dust 2024


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All existing order have been sent delivered and fulfilled. The formula is discontinued at this point in time and not available anywhere.

Due to a new takeover here in Switzerland, updated  equipment, and purification maintenance work and site relocation . There will be a break in any product production or distribution from now to the end September (confirmed). We will keep all clients informed by email of new developments and new order links, website, when all has gone through and finalised. If you need the contact us for any reason the only email address is  This is the only way to reach out to ask any questions until the change over is completed. The new product will only be available to the USA and Canada buyers. This is just simply because only a certain amount can be produced due to the production limits. USA sales and Canada sales will are simply more profitable as we won’t have any EU or UK vat to add also less paperwork and less time. It’s just simple business sence. All USA and Canada customers will be contacted soon from the new company with details.


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